Join Us For A Tasting

We're delighted to announce yet another in store tasting. This Thursday, August 24th we will be joined by Eoin from Glendalough and we will be tasting some of their delicious spirits that are produced in their craft distillery in County Wicklow.
We will be kicking off at 5 pm, no booking is required. We'd love to see you there.

The Spirits We Will Taste Are

Glendalough Wild Gin
Hand-Foraged & fresh distilled. A gin of a very different quality, made from fresh, wild ingredients. Each day, GLENDALOUGH full-time forager Geraldine Kavanagh ventures into the Wicklow mountains to sustainably forage wild botanicals. The wild native botanicals she picks are quickly transported to the distillery where they are painstakingly slow-distilled to tease out delicate flavours, in very small batches.

Glendalough Wild Rosé Gin
To make this very special, small-batch Gin, Glendalough completely rebalance their Wild Gin recipe and redistill it with extra fruit, flowers and spices... and of course a lot of fresh rose petals. Three varieties of rose are used, the rare and elusive Wild Rose from the Wicklow mountains, large fragrant Heritage Roses, and the ancient prized Damask Rose all come together to make this a naturally pink and very floral gin.

Glendalough Pot Still Whiskey
A single cask, mainstream whiskey that makes available the flavours of Irish oak to everyone. Each bottle is numbered and traceable to each cask and even to the tree from whence it came. The higher levels of toasted oak and vanilla flavours that Irish oak brings to the liquid complement and balance the classic pot still spices.

Glendalough Double Barrel Whiskey
Bourbon barrel aged, Oloroso sherry barrel finished. This is an Irish whiskey that will make you think twice about Irish whiskey. Forget the blends of the last hundred years, this world beating liquid is not just part of the new breed, it’s a thoroughbred.

Glendalough 7 Year Single Malt, Mizunara Finish
The whiskey is vivid, but delicate with seamless depth. It is vibrant, fruity, and floral on the nose, enjoying a luxuriously smooth mouthfeel with notes of dark chocolate orange, sandalwood and cinnamon synonymous with Mizunara whiskeys. Glendalough's Mizunara 7-year single malt benefits from an exceptionally long finish of toasted oak and oriental spices, with the dark chocolate lingering even longer.