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  1. One Of Provence's Most Exceptional Rosés

    One Of Provence's Most Exceptional Rosés
    Savour The End Of Summer Evenings Now that the sun has made a comeback we have the perfect excuse to sip Rosé again, but we don't mean any Rosé; we mean one of Provence's most exceptional Rosé wines. On a wine investment trip to Bordeaux back in April, Paul discovered an "outstanding Château La Mascaronne Rosé" and he just knew... read more
  2. Excetional Provence Rosé - Chateau D'Astros

    Excetional Provence Rosé - Chateau D'Astros
    Introductory Offers It should be that time of year when drinking Rosé is trendy, but the weather seems to have different ideas. However, on our recent trip to Prowein, we were delighted to discover some outstanding Provence Rosé and now that it has landed in our warehouse, we won't be waiting for the sun to shine to open it.  Château... read more
  3. Poolside Rosé

    Poolside Rosé
    Poolside Rosé It's a little over a month since our German Gems were restocked, and while we've continued to wait in joyful hope of some half-decent weather, our favourite Rosé was out catching the attention of one of Ireland's best known and highly regarded wine writers. We were delighted to see John Wilson feature our Thörle Rosé Trocken in yesterday's... read more
  4. German Gems Restocked - Including a 99 Point Pinot "Masterpiece"

    German Gems Restocked - Including a 99 Point Pinot "Masterpiece"
    TGIF, a long weekend and payday!! If you're looking for something to treat yourself to with your paycheck, look no further. Our exceptional wines from impressive new wave German winemakers Thörle are back in stock, including the 99 Point Pinot Masterpiece that came 16th in the Top 100 Wines Of 2021. A treat worth waiting for. Thörle is a family... read more
  5. International Prosecco Day 2021

    International Prosecco Day 2021
    It would appear this week is handing us plenty of opportunity to pop a cork. What a fantastic achievement yesterday by Kellie Harrington, we're sure some of her fans are still celebrating. This Friday the 13th, whether it's lucky or unlucky for you also happens to be International Prosecco Day, so you don't have to wait until 5pm to pop... read more
  6. Sip Like A Celebrity

    Sip Like A Celebrity
    Celebrity Wines We've always maintained it's a wonderful world of wine, in fact, it's so appealing that being involved in the wine industry seems to be the latest status symbol among celebrities. From actors to golfers to popstars there is a growing number of the rich and famous who either own vineyards or sell their own bottles. You've probably seen... read more

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