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  1. We're Moving.... The Weight Is Over

    We're Moving.... The Weight Is Over
    The Best Worst Kept Secret After almost two decades on Chatham Street, our tenure will finish next month. We have made many fond memories over the years, from selling and tasting iconic wines, hosting wine tastings, wine fairs and dinners, building relationships with our customers, suppliers and our neighbours and having the privilege of reopening in June 2020 (no explanation... read more
  2. Tapas, Wine & Great Conversation

    Tapas, Wine & Great Conversation
    Our New Case Of The Month For many, the weekend gently begins on a Thursday, except for those in retail; however, today will give us two causes to start celebrating. Firstly, it's our most senior team members' birthday. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish the original founder of The Corkscrew, Mr Peter Foley, a very Happy Birthday. We... read more
  3. 2022 Bordeaux En Primeur Report

    2022 Bordeaux En Primeur Report
    2022 Bordeaux En Primeur - The Verdict!! As you may know, Peter and James travelled to Bordeaux for the En Primeur tastings. Over the 3 days they spent in Bordeaux, they visited 29 different Chateaux and tasted nearly 200 different wines. Yes, it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it. Thankfully their palettes survived the ordeal, and they... read more
  4. 2022 Bordeaux En Primeur Season

    2022 Bordeaux En Primeur Season
    FOR SOME, WINE ISN'T JUST A DRINK. IT CAN BE A GOOD INVESTMENT ON WHICH YOU CAN SEE GREAT RETURNS. Did you know that the demand for fine wine has rocketed in the last 25 years? Prices for fine wine have followed suit and have increased enormously over the last two decades. Wine can, and often has, outperformed the FTSE... read more
  5. Celebrate Malbec World Day

    Celebrate Malbec World Day
    Must-Have Malbec World Day Case Celebrate Malbec World Day this April 17th by purchasing our limited edition mixed Must Have Malbec World Day Case. Malbec is one of the world’s most versatile wines. Malbec's lush ripe fruit, distinct spiciness and velvety texture make this varietal hugely appealing. It is much more than just a wine. It is elegant, versatile and... read more
  6. Discover Your Perfect Pour - Upcoming Wine Tastings

    Discover Your Perfect Pour - Upcoming Wine Tastings
    Dates For Your Diary We just wanted to inform you briefly that we have some more wine tastings arranged for over the next few weeks. We guarantee you a fun, social night out where you might even discover some new liquid loves. No experience or wine knowledge is required, you will learn a bit about wine in a fun, informal and interactive... read more
  7. 20TH Vintage Edition Of An Iconic Wine - Chocolate Block 2021 Has Landed

    20TH Vintage Edition Of An Iconic Wine - Chocolate Block 2021 Has Landed
    Just Landed Our Good Friday has just turned in to a great Friday!! We are delighted to report that a small parcel of the highly acclaimed and coveted "Chocolate Block 2021" has safely landed in the warehouse. Chocolate Block 2021 marks the 20th vintage of this iconic wine and is a must-have for any collector or Chocolate Block lover. Just... read more
  8. Warehouse Clearance Sale

    Warehouse Clearance Sale
    Serious Savings There's always a reason to celebrate when March rolls around, and it always seems to give plenty of reasons to raise a glass. Well, we're about to provide you with another one!  We've had to make room for some large deliveries that we are expecting ahead of this weekend, so we have just launched our Warehouse Clearance Sale... read more
  9. Dry Doesn't Have To Be Dull

    Dry Doesn't Have To Be Dull
    Don't Go Without As lent kicks off we know some of you may be about to start another "Dry Spell", a trend that seems to be becoming increasingly popular. As a result, we have seen increased demand for non-alcoholic wines. Thankfully, the quality of non-alcoholic wines has increased dramatically in recent years, and we've quite the selection to help you... read more
  10. We're Blown Away By Your Support

    We're Blown Away By Your Support
    Wine Fair Updates We recently announced that our 16th Annual Charity Wine Fair will take place on Sunday March 12th in The Westbury Hotel from 1pm to 5pm. We asked you to come "sip and support" us as we raise funds for Fraser Holden who was diagnosed with MND last May. And WOW, the fair is exactly two weeks away... read more

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