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  1. Global Champagne Day Bespoke Tasting Event

    Global Champagne Day Bespoke Tasting Event
    October 27th 6PM €95 After two weeks of 6 am starts (that was to let the builders in, we did not do it ourselves), our private tasting room aka "Fíona's Cellar" has been refurbished and is now officially open for bespoke tastings. We are going to kick off in fizzy fashion with a very special tasting next Friday to coincide... read more
  2. Restocked & Rescheduled

    Restocked & Rescheduled
    Great Gift Ideas It's been a mad few days here at The Corkscrew HQ, we're flying around between 3 buildings trying to get ready to open the new shop; we will have more on the developments soon.  We have also been a staff member down as Luis has not been well; we're wishing him a super speedy recovery. This also... read more

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