Wine tasting events in Dublin

Tailored wine tasting tutorials and events presented by 

 Julie Dupouy (Top Female Sommelier in the World 2016 (Mendoza) 


Introduction Tasting

This template is made especially to introduce you to tasting wine through a 2 hours fun and interesting session including the following :

 * Explanation through interactive exercises of how aromas and flavours are perceived

 * Learning how to read and understand a wine label (Old World Vs New World)

 * How to taste wine

* 6 to 8 Wines tasted and discussed

* Open questions time

Themed Tastings

If you are already familiar with wine tasting or have already experienced the introduction tasting then the themes below might suit what you are looking for. Each theme is designed to feed your curiosity during 2 hours ,showcase some of the most interesting wines currently available on the market and break down prejudices.

 * Aromatic white wines of the world

* Australia at its best

* Organic & Natural Wines

* "Out of the Box"

* More options available on request

Tailored Tastings

If you are looking to organize a wine tasting for a larger group or some activities for your staff committee, please contact me by email or on my mobile so we can discuss the different options available to suit your event.

If you are particularly curious about a wine tasting topic and you can't find it in my "themed tasting" then contact me to check what are the options available .


For further details and upcoming events please email E: