Get A Head Start On The Christmas Shopping With Great Offers On Our Most Loved Accessories.


Happy International Tempranillo Day, don't forget to raise a glass tonight. We sent out our Tempranillo Day offers earlier this week, but, incase you missed them, they can be found on our website until Friday midnight!!

The weeks are flying in at this stage and between Christmas orders and one International Grape Variety day after another, we thought it best to get a head start on our Black Friday Sale, which in turn will give you a head start on the Christmas shopping.

We're kicking off with some unbeatable savings on some of our best-loved wine accessories, and when we get around to the wine, we will be sure to add that too!!


Coravin Timeless 6+ Anthracite Premium Set 2022 Limited Edition

RRP €499 Now €259.99

Inspired by gemstones, Coravin has designed an exclusive new coloursetting for this year’s Black Friday offer. This is a superb gift or self-gift. This luxurious Wine Preservation System is perfect for hosts, connoisseurs and tastemakers. Simply insert, tip and pour as much wine as you desire - then save the rest of the bottle for months or even years!!

Included In This Premium Bundle Is...
• 1 Coravin Timeless Six+ Anthracite
• 8 x Coravin PureTM Argon Capsules
• 2 x Coravin Screw Caps
• 1 x Timeless Aerator
• 1 x Standard Needle
• 1 x Universal Stand
• 1 x Carry Case

According to Robert Parker, "Coravin" is the most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers that has been invented in the last 30+ years - "this is a killer device".


Vin Aire Wine Aerator

Was €30 Now 3 For €30

The best invention since sliced bread, presented in its own individual box giving you 3 great stocking fillers!

 Some wines truly benefit from aeration, when time or a decanter are not an option, this fabulous gadget is your absolute go-to!! Just open the bottle and pour through!!

The Vin Aire is a  wine aerator that you pour wine through into your glass. It sucks air into the wine, creating an addictive gurgling noise while aerating the wine as you pour. So, it works like a decanter, if a little more instant. It's also a lot easier to wash and once you've used it once you'll see how it has quickly become the gadget that you can't live without!!

Pulltex Champagne Stopper

 €19.95 Now 3 For €10

Leftover bubbles? Don't waste them, keep them for another time! This Champagne stopper from Pulltex has become one of the most innovative wine preserving products in the world, it's so easy to use, every bubbles drinker should have one and now you can have 3 for €10!!