Smoking Hot Deals To Enhance Your BBQ

We hope you're enjoying the recent spell of good weather, long may it last. For the last few days, we've loved the return of the sunshine, the energy from the crowds gathered outside Nearys and Sheehans because nothing beats an after work drink in the sun, the sight of picnic mats dotted all over St. Stephens Green Park, and as we get closer to home, that undeniable aroma of barbecue in the air. These are just some of the things that scream Summer vibes and we fully intend to make the most of them.

It's going to be some weekend for gatherings and barbecues, so to celebrate the comeback of Barbecue Season we've launched our Sizzling Barbecue Bonaza Sale; we know that finding wines to pair with barbecued food is not always an easy task,  due to the rubs, marinades and char tour favourite tipple can be underwhelmed, so we've carefully selected a range of wines that will stand out from the smoke, please a crowd and enhance your barbecue party.

Even if this heatwave is short lived, it won't really matter either because even if it rains, you'll still want to pour, especially at these smoking hot prices! 

Our  Barbecue Bonanza Deals can be found on this link, we've just highlighted some of our sizzling offers below.

Vega Vella Garnacha Tinta 2018

Was €28.95 Now €22.95

For a lunchtime barbecue option Grenache or a Grenache blend works perfectly. Thanks to its medium acidity and medium body, this wine will pair amazingly with ribs or veggie skewers. Although Grenache is usually blended to make good wines great this is a stunning example of a single varietal done right and if you have a vegan to cater for it will tick that box too!! It will dazzle them and you with its delicate yet vibrant red-brick colour, its fruity aromas, delicate midpalate and a long velvety finish.

Mirror Lake Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 2021

Was €17.95 Now €13.95

Many people prefer to drink chilled white wine at a barbecue, especially when it's hot out. On a warm day your chardonnay may seem too heavy and something crisp and dry may not stand up against flavoursome marinades and char. The fresh crispness and intense fruity flavours found in this or any New Zealand Sauvignon make it the perfect "compromise" and although it will go with just about anything, we highly recommend a warm halloumi salad.

Chateau d'Astros, La Belle Vie, Côtes de Provence Rosé 2021

Was €22.95 Now €17.95

We all know that there's nothing quite as refreshing as a glass of Rosé on a hot day and many will opt for a Rosé over white as it's "trendier" this time of year. La Belle Vie is a terrifically fresh and elegant Rosé, it is the perfect combination of great aromatic finesse and rare intensity of character. Delicious and ready to drink, it is also a fine match for salmon.


Casa Emma Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2016

Was €54.95 Now €44.95

For many a barbecue is all about the meat; fortunately, Chianti loves meat, it is acidic enough and has enough body to stand up to the strong meat flavours, sauces and char.  This Chianti Gran Selezione is a giant in its class, it's a top-quality wine with a wealth of juicy bramble fruit, velvety raspberries and supple, polished leather; well-crafted with a savoury oak finish.


Niepoort Ruby Dum Port

Was €25.95 Now €21.50

Probably not what you were expecting to see next but kicking off your barbecue with a port cocktail could put your event head and shoulders above everyone else's. We're thinking of a simple Crimson Martini to start, 15ml ruby port, 1 teaspoon grenadine syrup and 2 teaspoons of lime juice, shake with a little cracked ice in a cocktail shaker and pour into a chilled martini glass, garnish with lime.