Poolside Rosé

It's a little over a month since our German Gems were restocked, and while we've continued to wait in joyful hope of some half-decent weather, our favourite Rosé was out catching the attention of one of Ireland's best known and highly regarded wine writers. We were delighted to see John Wilson feature our Thörle Rosé Trocken in yesterday's Irish Times Summer Food & Wine Magazine.

Thörle is a family domaine based in Saulheim in the Rheinhessen and all the wines that they conjure up promise maximum enjoyment. All their wines have been highly praised by some well-known critics and by all those who have tried them. Although we may not be sipping it "poolside" this weekend, this gem dazzles in all locations and on all occasions.

So without further ado, here's what John Wilson had to say about it.


Thörle, Rose, Rheinhessen, Germany 2020 The Corkscrew

Thörle, Rose, Rheinhessen, Germany 2021

"You are sitting in the garden, the sun is out, and you have a few friends around. This is the time to crack open a light mouth-watering rosé with delicate summer fruits. While there are plenty of inexpensive options around, this is one time when you should trade up a little; your friends will certainly thank you. Thörle Rosé Trocken 2020 is a very elegant wine, beautifully packaged, with vivacious redcurrant fruits backed up with a fine crisp acidity. The Perfect poolside rosé and a conversation topic too."


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