Expect The Unexpected

Are you stuck in a bit of a wine rut lately? Did you know that we have a great selection of stunning wines from some unexpected wine-producing Countries like the Czech Republic, Wales, Cyprus, England, Georgia, Switzerland and even something from Ireland, all waiting to be discovered?

Wine varies so much, and there’s so much out there; you have a lot to gain by stepping outside your comfort zone. We've outlined a small selection of our most popular wines from unexpected regions below, but we have many more waiting to be rescued from their bottle.


Gasper Pinot Grigio, Slovenia €21.95

An eastern European wine-growing nation, Slovenia has an ancient history in winemaking cultures and it offers some of the finest and least known wines in the world. The owner of Gasper Wines - Gašper Čarman, is one of the greatest wine connoisseurs in Slovenia and two times awarded Best sommelier of Slovenia.
This Pinot Grigio is a stunning wine that strongly reflects the terroir of the Goriška Brda. Delicious and creamy, with a lively freshness and the fascinating taste of pear, grapefruit, pineapple and spices.


Nelkarisi Saperavi, Georgia €25.95


Considered the oldest winemaking region globally, Georgias winemaking history goes back 8000 years. Indigenous varieties are the strength of Georgian wine, and Saperavi is the most planted grape.
Friends Cellar is a classic Georgian wine made in full compliance with the Georgian wine traditions. It's full-bodied with a velvety structure; persistent flavours of ripe prune and blackberry linger harmoniously for a smooth and spicy finish. Very similar to a Chianti.


Zambartas Semillion - Sauvignon Blanc, Cyprus €19.95


Cyprus is an exciting island to make wine as it is home to some very unique indigenous grape varieties. Zambartas Winery specializes in their own native grape varieties as well as blends with some world-renowned varieties.
A classic French blend from Cypriot vineyards. This wine was partly barrel-fermented giving it more body and complexity, it has an intensely aromatic bouquet of blossom, fruit and a hint of sweet spice.


Lusca Sparkling Wine, Lusk Ireland €69.95

Yes, you read that right, Lusk, Co. Dublin!! We may not be a Country associated with winemaking, but Lusk farmer David Llewellyn has made Ireland's first sparkling wine, and according to wine critic John Wilson, it's a very fine wine indeed!                                                           This is his first vintage of Sparkling Wine produced at Lusca Vineyard, the only commercial vineyard in Ireland. A unique, single variety is Blanc de Noir wine, made exclusively from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The grapes were pressed extremely gently, extracting only the delicate bright pink colour from the skins of the grapes; fresh, ultra-dry, and deliciously fruity.


Zorah, Areni Noir Karasi, Armenia €36.95

Since ancient days Armenia has been famous for its wine-making traditions which are still kept in practice to this day. The oldest known winery was found in Areni and dates back to 4000BC.
The Zorah Wine brand is considered to be one of the best in the world. Made with 100% Armeni Noir, the palate reflects the nose with hints of red fruits interwoven with an earthy savouriness and dried herbs. It's full-bodied and generous with vibrant chalky tannins and a touch of graphite on a long mineral finish.


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