Weddings are a big deal but choosing your wines shouldn't be, it should be the fun part of the planning and it certainly should be more enjoyable than planning seating arrangements or deciding on wedding favours and flowers. Wedding planning can also be pretty stressful but the good news is we can help relieve some of that stress.

We offer a fantastic wedding wine service that includes a food and wine pairing with a Sommelier, a free wine tasting in our bespoke tasting room, free delivery to your chosen venue anywhere in the 32 Counties. We can cater for all budgets, we're great listeners and we can offer some pretty awesome advice when it comes to choosing your wine. We have a huge selection of wine, including non-alcoholic options and we have outlined some of our most popular wedding wines below.

If you or someone you know is planning a wedding Contact Us now or call 1850 211 879 and we'll be delighted to assist. In the mean time here's how we can help you.




Here's an overview of how we can help you pick your wedding wine and some tips which should make the whole process a lot easier.

  • Get in touch and let us know a couple of things about your wedding - how many are coming and what food you're serving?
  • We'll  draw up a short-list of wines (white, red, sparkling, non-alcoholic) which you can come and taste in-store for free.
  • We offer a free food and wine pairing consultation with a top Sommelier
  • We can cater for any budget, as you will see below and we're committed to help you get the best bang for your buck.
  • You decide on the wines and we'll then deliver the wines to your venue for free.
  • Up to 20% of wines not opened can be returned for a refund.



So, what are the key things you need to know about ordering wines for your wedding?

  • Quantity: A good rule of thumb is three quarters of a bottle of wine per person for the meal. You're better off "rounding up" rather than down as you don't want to run out.
  • Brief the waiting staff: depending on the venue because over eager waiting staff can sometimes overfill glasses - too much and too often.
  • Open or return? Wherever you buy wine, ask for an open or return so you're not spending on wine you don't use. You have enough expenses to worry about for the wedding.
  • Corkage: If you are supplying your own wine, negotiate (and haggle) a corkage fee with the venue and make sure you get it in writing.
  • Food matching: generally, pick the food first or at least have a shortlist of food options to make it easier to pick out the most suitable wines
  • Even though it's your wedding, cater for your guests' tastes - don't go for anything too crazy. Remember, you're the stars, not the wine.

Under €15

French wine doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, a classic pairing of Southern French wines like our Reserve de L'aube White and Red offer genuine value and show the versatile qualities that make French wines so loved.

You can also easily stick to quality and this budget with something Portuguese. Prova Regia is a fantastic value zesty white which is quite similar to a Sancerre or Pouilly Fume from the Loire, but at half the price. And from Herdade Sao Miguel in Portugal's Alentejo, this easy-drinking red the "Secrets of Sao Miguel", is a smooth and silky red blend that really over-delivers on price.

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Under €20

For less than €20 you can have something from two of the most prolific and diverse winemaking regions. The Loire Valley is in the heart of France and is Sauvignon Blanc’s homeland. Thierry Delaunay Sauvignon Blanc is a seriously refreshing, citrusy, high-quality excellent value party wine. From Bordeaux, we have Chateau Haut Peyruguet which will really make you smile because it's also less than €15 and is a cracking modern-style Bordeaux, sure to please anyone with taste buds.

From Spain’s gastronomic heartland, Rioja wines will always impress. Our approachable Vega Vella Sauvignon/Granacha will add some elegance and class to the table with it's velvety flavour and soft freshness. Partner it up with our smooth, dry, and well rounded Vega Vella Tempranillo which will really stand out due to its intense colour and strong presence of red fruit. These are two super friendly food wines and both are organic.

Maybe you'd prefer something New World that's widely recognisable to your guests.. Sauvignon Blanc is one of the worlds most popular wines and New Zealand are really putting them on the map. Three Wooly Sheep is a an eminently drinkable Sauvignon made by the Lawsons Family Vineyards, it's zesty, fruity with classically inviting Sauvignon Blanc Aromas. For less than €20, Don David is a great example of an Argentinian Malbec, another hugely popular restaurant wine, it's spicy and full-bodied, loads of dark berry fruit and mild oak round out the palate.

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Under €30

For less than €30 you can have some stunning high-quality wines on the table, weddings are a big deal and some want the wine to be too. Italy is world famous for its wines which makes them an extremely popular choice. we have a stunning full bodied white Lugana from Paolo Cottini and a smooth round Valpolicella Ripasso both of which can be enjoyed by the glass or with food.

For many, wine does not get better than a great bottle of Burgundy and they are really terrific food wines. Our Vincent Girardin Chardonnay is a super drop, elegant, medium-bodied and unoaked, it may be their entry level wine but tastes like more. The same goes for this prestigious producer's Pinot which is very pleasant, fresh, fruity and ample.

Returning to our super popular New World duo of New Zealand Sauvignon and Argentinian Malbec. Dog Point is the label from two Marlborough legends, Ivan Sutherland and James Healy who were part of the success story behind Cloudy Bay, they put New Zealand wines on the map. Their Sauvignon Blanc is zesty, smart and refreshing, the perfect pick-me-up from one of the best vintages the Marlborough region has experienced in years. Our Pascual Toso"Reserve" Malbec is from one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in Argentina who have over 100 collective years of winemaking experience. It is packed to perfection, it's round and inviting, slightly firm around the edges with plenty of fruit and consistent tannins.


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A celebration isn't a celebration without bubbles, but as important as the "Champagne Toast" might be, most people will only drink a glass, some may wish to stay on them, know your audience!!  You can save here with an everyday Prosecco like Monte Grande  or upgrade to our Bepin de Eto, Prosecco Superiore from an internationally celebrated winery. You could also save on a high-quality Cava such as Maria Casanovas or let your guests think you really splurged on a fine boutique Champagne when they taste our stunning Drappier NV  Champagne.

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