An Intriguing Selection

Sun is out, June is here and just as we thought things couldn't get much better, a beautiful selection of wines from a wine lovers paradise arrived with us just in time to celebrate the long weekend.

Donnafugata is a brand that creates wines with elegance and creativity that are symbolic of the Sicilian region in Italy, where they come from. These eclectic wines stand out for their pleasantness and complexity, they are wines capable of fulfilling desires and making those who taste them happy.

Check out this intriguing selection which will be sure to fulfil all your wine desires this Bank Holiday weekend.

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Donnafugata Mille e Una Notte 2017

An icon of Italian excellence. Intense ruby red coloured, Mille e Una Notte 2017 is characterized by an ample bouquet, with fruity notes (blackberry and black mulberry) and balsamic (liquorice) and scents of cocoa and vanilla. The palate is soft and embracing, surprising with an extraordinary silky tannin. A remarkable long persistence on the finish. Delicious with any roast, especially a slow-cooked rack of lamb.

Artistic Label: The palace illustrated on the label is Palazzo Filangeri di Cutò where Queen Maria Carolina took refuge fleeing from Naples, the house loved by the writer Tomasi di Lampedusa. Gabriella captures the image and embeds it into a “Mille e una Notte” sky. A tribute to the masterpiece of oriental literature capable of recounting a thousand and one tales.


Donnafugata, `Ben Ryé` Passito di Pantelleria, 2018 (37.5cl)

One of the most appreciated sweet Italian wines in the world. Ben Ryé is the luscious “passito” sweet wine from the little island of Pantelleria where old Zibibbo vines are grown using the traditional “alberello pantesco” bush-training system.
Ben Ryé 2018 offers an extraordinary rich bouquet with outstanding aromas obtained from the dried grapes: apricots and candied orange peel. It presents delicate hints of Mediterranean scrub (maquis). The palate is very fresh and intense, balancing perfectly the sweetness followed by a long and satisfying persistence.
It matches with caramelized duck, foie gras and blue cheeses. It goes well with pastries and gourmet chocolate like gianduja. Extraordinary alone, as a meditation wine.

Artistic Label: From the Arabic "Son of the wind", which blows constantly among the grapes of Pantelleria and brings with it an intense load of aromas. The images that tell the care and effort of heroic viticulture are illuminated by golden flashes. In the background dominates the typical architecture of the island, the "dammuso", designed to collect the precious rainwater.

When you desire Charm
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Donnafugata Tancredi 2017

An elegant red. An affordable luxury. With an intense ruby red color, Tancredi 2017 combines notes of ripe red fruit (red currant and plum) and balsamic (eucalyptus) with delicate hints of cocoa and sweet tobacco. On the palate it has an excellent structure with important and perfectly integrated tannins; it is fresh on the palate with a very long retro-olfactory persistence. It will find its best pairing T-bone steak, gourmet burgers and game. Delicious also with beef Stroganoff

Artistic Label:If you remember Alain Delon in the famous movie that Luchino Visconti made from Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s The Leopard, you will see that this wine reflects the elegance and ambition of that “revolutionary” man. With the vintage 2015, the labels offers a new illustration by artist Stefano Vitale who has dedicated this artwork to Giacomo Rallo, visionary captain of Donnafugata. The Contessa Entellina winery is always there, in the clouds as if it was a mirage: a magical place, where Giacomo began the Donnafugata adventure with his wife Gabriella, and where some of the vineyards that contribute to the Tancredi blend are located. Places where the memory of the man and his dreams, which became reality, will remain indelible.

When you desire Wonder
Explore the scents and flavors of a Sicily that takes you by surprise. Experience the wonders of this region with every sip

Donnafugata `Bell’Assai` Frappato di Vittoria 2019

Frappato is an aromatic red grape from the Vittoria area, on the southern east point of Sicily. Usually used in a blend with Nero d’Avola to make Cerasuolo di Vittoria, this is a rare opportunity to taste this perfumed variety on its own.
Brilliant ruby red with violet reflections, Bell’Assai 2019 has intense floral notes of violet and rose on the nose, as well as fruity hints of raspberry and strawberry. It is fresh and fragrant and with a soft tannin that enhances its pleasantness.
We suggest it with salumi, tasty fish dishes such as soups or guazzetti, try with tuna sushi.

Artistic Label:Bell’Assai is a girl with personality who offers to the sweet Sicilian breeze the fruits of the vineyards and the scents of the countryside. She represents the spirit of those enterprising families with the love for beauty which have always been animating the territory of Vittoria. An artistic label with which Donnafugata wants to celebrate the love for the beautiful.

Donnafugata Floramundi Cerasuolo di Vittoria 2018

A refined Cerasuolo di Vittoria with a flowery soul. Intense ruby color with bright purple reflections, Floramundi 2018 offers intense fruity aromas, among which the notes of black cherry and berries (blueberry) stand out; the bouquet opens with delicate balsamic nuances of laurel and characteristic spicy notes of black pepper. The tasting is supported by freshness and softness that make it juicy and very pleasant to drink. The tannin is fine and well integrated. Floramundi 2018 expresses the harmonious balance that Cerasuolo di Vittoria can reach. Try with pulled pork and meat dumplings.

Artistic Label: Floramundi is a fantastic figure of a woman who is giving the gift of wonderful interlacements of flowers and fruits with velvety tones. It is a dialogue between two souls, the elegant and sophisticated one of Floral Liberty, of which Vittoria is rich in testimonies, and the fascinating and suggestive one of the tradition of the Pupi Siciliani (Sicilian Puppets). A dialogue between Nero d’Avola and Frappato to listen to with pleasure. A refined artistic label for a prestigious denomination: Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG.


Donnafugata, `Sul Vulcano` Etna Bianco Carricante

A Carricante with great mineral elegance. Sul Volcano 2016 on the nose it presents refined notes of aromatic herbs , citrus fruits and flint. On the palate it is enveloping , fresh and savoury, characterized by marked minerality and persistence ; a wine that displays great elegance and complexity. Perfect with shellfish, vegetarian first courses and porcini mushrooms.

Artistic Label: The mountain with brown hair looks placidly at its brother sea. Until one day the earth opens wide, thunder echoes in the air and it explodes from the bowels of the earth to the tip of her hair that has become smoke and incandescent lapilli. The sea calmly looks at the furious sister. A volcano-goddess stands out on the Etna Bianco label of Donnafugata “Sul Vulcano ”. Its intense colors, reds, yellows, iridescent blacks, are those of the highest active volcano in Europe. An ancient, powerful and feminine divinity: "the Mountain" as Etna is called by the locals. “Sul Vulcano” is a declaration of love: a pure and lively wine, with a marked minerality, a wine that breathes the energy of this unique place located in the center of the Mediterranean.

When you desire Conviviality
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Donnafugata, `Kabir` Moscato di Pantelleria 2019

A natural dessert of great pleasure. The terraces on the volcanic island of Pantelleria is where the Zibibbo (Muscat d’Alexandria) is grown. As a result the wine is naturally sweet but very mineral and fragrant.
Bright straw yellow colour, Kabir 2019 is characterized by a complex bouquet of fruit tropical (passion fruit), hints of floral of orange blossom and delicate nuances brackish . In the mouth the fruity and sweet notes echo, perfectly balanced by the fresh mineral vein . Good persistence with a spicy finish of pink pepper and nutmeg. Perfect with anchovies, goat cheeses, ice cream and fruit desserts. Try it with bottarga and large smoked fish.

Artistic Label: From the Arabic “Il Grande” Kabir, is the name that Donnafugata gave to its Moscato di Pantelleria, for the breadth and nobility of its aromas. The label speaks the voice of the island: it expresses the colors, freshness and aromatic richness of Zibibbo. A label, capable of evoking the heroic soul of the viticulture of an island beaten by the wind and waves.

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Donnafugata, `Sherazade` Nero d'Avola 2019

The red you don't expect, ideal for the aperitivo. Sherazade 2019 has a brilliant ruby red color with violet reflections. The nose offers a pleasantly fruity bouquet with fragrant notes of red plum and cherry, combined with light spicy and balsamic scents. The palate is fleshy and perfectly reflects the bouquet revealing an extraordinary freshness. The fine–grained tannins, complete this fragrant and pleasant wine. Delicious with Pizza or classic Tomato Spaghetti.

Artistic Label: Sherazade, fascinating female protagonist of the Arabian Nights has a fruity flesh voice, wrapped in a spicy drape, that tells you the fairy tale of this masterpiece of Oriental literature. An intensely Mediterranean label in lush Donnafugata style that gives you an unforgettable tasting.

Donnafugata Sur Sur Grillo 2020

A fresh and fruity Grillo with a young twist. SurSur is made from Grillo grapes, an ancient grape variety from Sicily. SurSur 2020, brilliant straw yellow, on the nose offers a fresh bouquet with notes of white fleshed fruit (peach and cantaloupe melon) combined with scents of wildflowers and mint. The fruity notes resurface on the palate with pleasant freshness and smoothness.
It matches perfectly with gourmet panini, vegetarian dishes, seafood starters.

Artistic Label: Grillo is an ancient autochthonous Sicilian grape variety, but it is also a cute little animal (the cricket) that brings good luck. The name sur sur, which means cricket, comes from the classical Arabic language which was once also spoken in Sicily. The voice of spring, with its scents and colours, is depicted on the label. It shows Gabriella (founder of Donnafugata, with her husband Giacomo) as a girl in flight, running barefoot through the flowers and fresh grass, following the singing of crickets that sounds sweet to her ears, like a thousand “SurSur… “.