About The Corkscrew Wine Merchants

Our history

Established in 2004 from what was one of Ireland’s most prominent wine merchants, Berry Brothers and Rudd. Berry's are no longer around, unfortunately, but we continue to grow by sourcing brilliant wines for our customers.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple: to select wines that demonstrate the character and independence that we demand, wines which deliver quality and individuality regardless of price.

Terrific everyday wines, new world icons, established classics - they all have a place in our selection.

Selling wine online

We launched our site in September 2010 and in 2011/2012 we picked up three awards for our website: an Eircom Spider Award, a Nokia Digital Media Award and an Irish Internet Association "Net Visionary" award.

Three from three ain't a bad haul! But what's most important is what our customers say. Blush!