Twitter Mystery Wine (Tasting on January 27th, 9pm)

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Quick Overview

We're delighted to be running a Twitter mystery wine tasting. You buy the wine (at substantial discount), we all get together on Twitter on Sunday, January 27th at 9pm and guess what the wine is, all done over Twitter. All you need to do is buy the wine online or instore, follow us on twitter (we're corkscrewnation) and keep an eye out for the hashtag #mysterywine

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Twitter Mystery Wine (Tasting on January 27th, 9pm)


Here's how it works.

Step 1: Buy the wine on line or in the shop

We've cut the price of the wine down to cost, so we won't be making any money on this one. It's all about fun, right? Delivery is €7.50, so all in it's €20

Step 2: Join the tasting over Twitter at 9pm on Sunday, 27th January

We'll start off by giving it a wee sniff, then a wee taste to see if we can guess the grape and the year. Then we'll move onto the slightly more difficult old world versus new world and finally onto country and region.

To make it easier to follow on the night, follow us on twitter if you're not already, and keep an eye out for the hashtag #mysterywine.

What's a hashtag?. Good question. A hashtag is a topic which lots of people are talking about and they add the hashtag to their tweets to be part of that conversation. You may have seen #ge11 which was the hashtag for the recent general election.

Step 3: Have fun!

Wine should be about enjoyment and we want you to enjoy this Twitter event.

And don't worry about getting it right, it's all a bit of fun and there will be a couple of spot prizes on the night for both right and wrong answers.

Free next day delivery in Ireland for orders of 12 bottles or spend of €150 when ordered before 1pm. Otherwise, just 7.50